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"IAC Friends" Activities

Within the framework of the "IAC Friends" Programme, scientific culture and dissemination activities are organised so that our members can increase their knowledge of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias and the work carried out here. These activities are aimed at covering all the fundamental aspects in which the institute is involved, mainly the dissemination of information on astrophysics and the promotion of the Canarian Observatories.

Panorámica de la Vía Láctea desde el Observatorio del Teide (Créd. Daniel López)

View of the Milky Way from the Teide Observatory (Credit: Daniel López)


The activities already planned for 2021-2022 are shown below.

[Under development... the objectives shown here are provisional and subject to changes]


"IAC Friends Activities"
Activity Goal Place Date
Inaugural meeting at IAC headquarters We would like to meet you and let you get to know us, show you the IAC's headquarters and show you how to work in a high-level research centre IAC headquarters (Zoom**) To be determined
Group meeting at the observatories

Show you the Observatories and how they work, in response to the queries and interests of the "IAC Friends"

Teide Observatory To be determined
Fairs and events with IAC participation

Invitations to participate in fairs and events in which the IAC participates or organizes with personalized treatment by the program to those who attend

Varios To be determined
Competition and exhibition of astrophotography

Exhibition of a selection of the works submitted to this competition organized by the IAC's Patronage Program for its members. Several categories (to be finally determined): Deep sky astrophotography (with telescope), Astronomical landscape astrophotography (without telescope) and astronomical drawing. Awards (provisional): certificate, publication in virtual gallery on the Internet, prizes or mentions as considered by the jury.

IAC headquarters or  Museo de la ciencia y el Cosmos

To be determined
Talks on "Introduction to Astrophysics"

Series of scientific and/or informative talks proposed by the Patronage Program and given by IAC researchers, covering a significant number of the most current topics in Astrophysics.

IAC headquarters (Zoom**)

To be determined
Competition "Proposal for observation with a robotic telescope"

Competition for the "IAC Friends" in which they will be able to make an observation proposal for a robotic telescope. Those that are more interesting in different categories (to be defined) will be assigned an observation time to make their proposal.

IAC headquarters (remote observation at the IAC)

To be determined
Congress for "IAC Friends" (STAR Friend or higher)

One or two mornings of talks, presentations and demonstrations broadcast or held at the IAC**.

IAC headquarters (Zoom**) To be determined
Astronomical Walking: Route through the Observatory and the Cañadas del Teide (STAR FRIEND or higher)

Guided route through the Observatorio del Teide and the Cañadas del Teide. With the possibility of using an educational telescope (two possible options: day route and night route)

Observatory and Cañadas del Teide To be determined

* At the moment, due to the seriousness of the situation caused by the current health crisis, these activities are temporarily on hold. The Patronage program will provide information on the status of these activities as the situation evolves.

** Depending on the evolution of the current health crisis, some of the activities will be carried out telematically, while others will be postponed until the situation allows it.