Teide Observatory

Observatorio del Teide

Emergencies and alerts

In case of emergency

Should an emergency arise during your stay at Teide Observatory, you must follow the emergency procedure.

You can contact the person in charge of coordinating the Emergency Plan (COE from its Spanish initials) using the internal telephones:

  • MOT: from 8h to 18h (ext. 7100)
  • Nighttime operator: during the period from 18h to 8h (ext. 7702)

You must also keep in mind the basic rules governing safety and prevention of risks in the workplace.

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Warnings and alerts

Before going to Teide Observatory, it is advisable that you review any alerts issued by the Canarian Government and follow any advice and recommendations given therein.

Road conditions

We also recommend that you enquire about road conditions before your visit.

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    Route from La Esperanza
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Communications conditions
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