Talk to Them: Women in Astronomy

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What is it?

It is an IAC initiative that aims to make visible the work of women in Astronomy-Astrophysics, while offering girls inspiring models to promote their scientific and technological vocations. It consists of videoconferences with educational centres by women astrophysicists and engineers who work at the IAC and at other institutions present in the Observatories of the Canary Islands, in which they explain their work, talk about their field of research and answer students' questions about the scientific and technological careers, the Universe or the methods we use to get to know it better.

The duration of the videoconferences is 50-60 minutes. The default language is Spanish, although, as the IAC and its Observatories are internationalised centres, it can also be requested in other languages (English, Italian, French). 

For whom?

The activity is aimed at Spanish educational centres, from Primary Education until High School and Vocational Training.  


The activities will start on February and will continue until June, on the dates and times agreed between the applicant schools and the participating speakers. 

How to register?

If you are a teacher at a Spanish school and you are interested in participating in this initiative, register your school using this inscription form and request a videoconference.

Registration will be open until the maximum number of videoconferences we can do in a school year is covered. If it is not possible for us to hold the videoconference on the requested date, we will propose a new one.

Who is involved?

Foto de Alicia López Oramas

Alicia López Oramas 

Postdoctoral researcher (IAC)

Astroparticles, gamma rays, binary stars


Foto de Nayra Rodríguez Eugenio

Nayra Rodríguez Eugenio 

Astrophysicist and coordinator of education projects (IAC)

Galaxies, Astrophysics outreach, robotic telescopes

Foto de Patricia Chinchilla

Patricia Chinchilla Gallego

Predoctoral researcher (IAC)

Exoplanets, brown dwarfs


Foto de Evanthia Hatziminaoglou

Evanthia Hatziminaoglou

ALMA Support astronomer & European ALMA Regional Centre network Coordinator (ESO)

Active galaxies, infrared and radio astronomy, extragalactic surveys

Foto de Patricia Fernández Izquierdo

Patricia Fernández Izquierdo

Engineer (IAC)

Mechanics, Astrophysical Instrumentation

Foto de Francesca Pinna

Francesca Pinna

Postdoctoral researcher (Max Planck Institute for Astronomy)

Nearby galaxies

Foto de Adriana de Lorenzo-Cáceres Rodríguez

Adriana de Lorenzo-Cáceres Rodríguez

Postdoctoral researcher (IAC)

Nearby galaxies 


Foto de Sandra Benítez Herrera

Sandra Benítez Herrera

Astrophysicist and coordinator of education projects (IAC)

Cosmology, Astrophysics outreach, women in Astronomy

Foto de Núria Casasayas Barris

Núria Casasayas Barris

Predoctoral researcher (IAC)

Exoplanets and their atmospheres 

Foto de Icíar Montilla

Icíar Montilla

Engineer (IAC)

Optical instrumentation, Adaptive Optics

Foto de Montserrat Armas Padilla

Montserrat Armas Padilla

Postdoctoral researcher (IAC)

Black holes, neutron stars, X-rays

Foto de Alba Fernández-Barral

Alba Fernández-Barral 

Astrophysicist, Outreach and Education Coordinator of CTAO

Gamma rays, binary systems, Cherenkov technology, outreach

Foto de Martina Cardillo

Martina Cardillo

Postdoctoral researcher (IAPS-INAF)

High energy astrophysics, Galactic cosmic rays

Foto de Beatriz Mingo Fernandez

Beatriz Mingo Fernandez 

Postdoctoral researcher (The Open University)

Active galaxies, black holes, radioastronomy, high-energy Astrophysics

Foto de Mary Barreto

Mary Barreto

Industrial Engineer, Technical Director of the European Solar Telescope (IAC)

Technical project management 

Foto de Pepa Becerra

Josefa Becerra González

Postdoctoral researcher (ULL, IAC)


Foto de Jennifer Carter

Jennifer Carter

Postdoctoral researcher (Universidad de Leicester)

Earth's magnetosphere

Foto de Carmen P. Padilla Torres

Carmen P. Padilla-Torres

Postdoctoral researcher (IAC) and telescope operator (Telescopio Nazionale Galileo, FGG)

Galaxies, telescopes 

Foto de Nataly Ospina Escobar

Nataly Ospina Escobar

Postdoctoral researcher (Università degli Studi di Padova, INFN)

Multi-messenger astrophysics: gravitational waves, neutrinos and gamma rays

Foto de Sara González Pérez

Sara González Pérez

Engineer and project manager (IACTEC, IAC)

Biotechnology and renewable energies



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