Astrophysical research


The research activity at the IAC is structured around individual astrophysical research projects. These projects are grouped into six global research lines that cover most fields of theoretical, observational or instrumental astrophysics. The individual research projects are led and managed by a Principal Investigator (PI) and can include scientists at pre-doctoral, post-doctoral, tenured and senior levels. The links and collaborations with researchers from other centers are recognized and encouraged. 

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    Morphology and Dynamics of the Milky Way

    This project consists of two parts, each differentiated but both complementary: morphology and dynamics. Detailed study of the morphology of the Milky Way pretends to provide a data base for the stellar distribution in the most remote and heavily obscured regions of our Galaxy, through the development of semiempirical models based on the

    López Corredoira
  • NGC 2808 Globular Cluster
    Stellar Populations in Galaxies

    The general aim of the project is to research the structure, evolutionary history and formation of galaxies through the study of their resolved stellar populations, both from photometry and spectroscopy. The group research concentrates in the most nearby objects, namely the Local Group galaxies including the Milky Way and M33 under the hypothesis

    Aparicio Juan
  • A view of our Milky Way galaxy with its close neighbors the Magellanic Clouds
    Galaxy Evolution in the Local Group

    The objective of this project is to understand the formation and evolution of galaxies of different morphological types, using the many local examples that can be resolved into individual stars, hence performing the so-called "galactic archaelogy". This branch of research is one of the main drivers of major international projects/facilities, such

    Gallart Gallart