A catalog of warps in spiral and lenticular galaxies in the Southern hemisphere

Sánchez-Saavedra, M. L.; Battaner, E.; Guijarro, A.; López-Corredoira, M.; Castro-Rodríguez, N.
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Astronomy and Astrophysics, v.399, p.457-467 (2003)

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A catalog of optical warps of galaxies is presented. This can be considered complementary to that reported by Sánchez-Saavedra et al. (cite{sanchez-saavedra}), with 42 galaxies in the northern hemisphere, and to that by Reshetnikov & Combes (cite{reshetnikov99}), with 60 optical warps. The limits of the present catalog are: logr 25 > 0.60, B_t< 14.5, delta (2000) < 0deg, -2.5 < t < 7. Therefore, lenticular galaxies have also been considered. This catalog lists 150 warped galaxies out of a sample of 276 edge-on galaxies and covers the whole southern hemisphere, except the Avoidance Zone. It is therefore very suitable for statistical studies of warps. It also provides a source guide for detailed particular observations. We confirm the large frequency of warped spirals: nearly all galaxies are warped. The frequency and warp angle do not present important differences for the different types of spirals. However, no lenticular warped galaxy has been found within the specified limits. This finding constitutes an important restriction for theoretical models.