A dark matter telescope probing the 6 to 60 GHz band

De Miguel, Javier
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Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics

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In this article we present the Dark-photons&Axion-Like particles Interferometer (DALI), a novel experiment designed for the detection of photon-mixing cold dark matter in the microwave band between 6 and 60 GHz. DALI is a haloscope for the simultaneous search for axions, axion-like particles and dark photons, with a number of novelties that make it unique. First, it is a dark matter telescope, with a capacity for pointing, tracking and rastering objects and areas in the sky. This potentially allows one to detect relativistic dark matter particles, substructures and flows, without compromising the simultaneous scanning for dark matter relic particles present in the laboratory. Second, it has been designed using commercial technology. This will allow feasible manufacture at a reasonable cost, thereby mitigating the need for R&D and facilitating maintenance. Finally, it benefits from a high sensitivity over a broad band of frequencies with only minimal reconfiguration.