Morphological And Thermal Properties Of The Solar Corona : Diagnostic Tools & Applications

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24 Feb 2015 - 11:30 Europe/London


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Progress in our understanding of the Solar corona and its underlying heating and acceleration processes, depends critically on our ability to measure fundamental plasma parameters, such as magnetic field, density, temperature and composition. In this talk, I will introduce my main research topics which concern measurement of fundamental plasma parameters in the Solar corona and the development of new plasma diagnostic tools, in order to provide constraints for the various proposed physical mechanisms.

Coronal observations are always integrated along a line of sight (LOS). Because there may be multiple emitting sources, this considerably complicates the interpretation of the observations. To avoid this ambiguity there are several tools, including the widely used Differential Emission Measure (DEM) analysis and the tomography reconstruction technique. However, both the derivation and the interpretation of the DEM from observations are difficult mainly due to the inverse nature of the problem. I will present a new strategy to evaluate the robustness of the DEM inversion problem. An application of the DEM formalism will be presented, allowing us to measure the relative abundances in both interplumes and plumes using Hinode/Extreme Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer (EIS) data. Finally, I will present the inversion code I developed, able to perform the coupling of the DEM formalism and the tomography, providing a three dimensional diagnostic in temperature and density of the solar corona.