SMACK 22: Backups (& encryption) of your laptop data

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17 Oct 2023 - 12:30 Europe/London


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Gone are the days when we used workstations as our main day to day computer. Backing-up your data has always been important, but the risks were much fewer then. Today, when most of us use a laptop as our main computer, the risks are much higher: added to human error, disk failures, etc. we have to consider that losing, dropping or getting your laptop stolen is a real possibility, which brings the added risk of getting your sensitive data accessed by prying eyes. In this talk I will share my overall backup plan. While my setting is likely more complicated than that of most of you, hopefully you can mix & match the strategies and tools that I use (mainly Borg, but also Timeshift, Clonezilla, Syncthing, gocryptfs, ...) to suit your needs. While a complete and thorough backup plan might take some time to prepare and execute, you shouldn't postpone it. Something is better than nothing!, and you can start with something very simple, which can be very easy to implement, and can be improved over time.