Per Aspera ad Astra Simul - ERASMUS+ program supporting mobilities ofyoung astronomers from Spain, Czechia and Slovakia

Kabath, Petr; Jones, David; Garcia Rojas, Jorge; Toth, Juraj; Jakubik, Marian; Janik, Jan; Hanus, Josef
Referencia bibliográfica

European Planetary Science Congress

Fecha de publicación:
We will present the opportunities of an ERASMUS+ strategic partnership KA2 funding schemes which we used to support (not only) early career researchers in astronomy. ERASMUS+ is a general funding scheme and we describe here one particular project funding education and international partnerhsip of institutions in astronomical research. Our first Erasmus program (2017-2020) was enabling mobilities of early career researchers between Spanish, Czech and Slovak institutes. The mobilities helped young researchers to gain experience with the modern instrumentation at Observatorio Roque de Los Muchachos at La Palma, Spain. Our program helped several young researchers to obtain tenure track position in astronomical research. We also obtained a continuation of the ERASMUS+ program for another period (2020-2023) which focuses on the development of careers of young researchers and helping them to become future faculty leaders. Furthermore, within the program we performed educational activites for children of various ages. This contribution will describe our programs and its aims and results. We will also share our experience with the application process and with the ERASMUS+ program itself. We will describe the opportunities the ERASMUS+ program is offering for the education in an astronomical research for non-university research institutions.