BVR photometry of the Sculptor dwarf spheroidal galaxy .

Giuffrida, G.; Pedicelli, S.; Buonanno, R.; Stetson, P. B.; Bono, G.; Pulone, L.; Corsi, C.; Monelli, M.; Dall'ora, M.
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Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana, v.77, p.125 (2006)

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We present accurate B, V, R photometry of the Sculptor dwarf spheroidal galaxy. The data have been collected with the Wide Field Imager available at 2.2 m ESO/MPI telescope and cover an area of about 100×40 arcmin2 around the Sculptor center. The final catalogue includes 100,000 stars. We found that blue and red Horizontal Branch stars present different radial distributions. This finding supports previous results. Moreover, we present a preliminary comparison between theoretical predictions for H and He burning phases and observational data.