Habla con Ellas: Mujeres en Astronomía

Rodríguez Eugenio, N.
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Contributions to the XIV.0 Scientific Meeting (virtual) of the Spanish Astronomical Society

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Physics and Engineering are areas that continue to be perceived by society as "male professions" and in which women are still under-represented. In 2017, a group of female colleagues from the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC) began to meet with the aim of co-creating activities that would contribute to changing gender stereotypes in these areas. This is how "Talk to them: Women in Astronomy" came about, an initiative in which IAC astrophysicists and engineers, together with collaborators from other institutions, hold videoconferences with schools in which we explain our work and answer students' questions about scientific and technological careers, the Universe and the methods and tools we use to study it. The project started in 2019 and has continued during the current school year, even during the COVID-19 health alert.