Modeling Close Binary Systems Within Planetary Nebulae

Blanton, Lilly; Hillwig, Todd; Jones, David
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American Astronomical Society Meeting Abstracts

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We present here binary modeling for the close binary central star of the planetary nebula Hf 2-2. While binary models for 26 close binary star systems within a planetary nebula exist, this number is far too low to perform a significant statistical analysis. In order to work towards increasing this number, and thus improving the statistical results, I used the Phoebe modeling software to obtain ranges for the secondary temperature, primary and secondary radii, secondary albedo, and system inclination for the close binary system within the PN Hf 2-2. The primary temperature was constrained to a 20kK range based on a previously published spectrum analysis, while the primary mass was held constant because of a lack of available radial velocity data. The secondary mass was also held constant most of the time, but was allowed to fluctuate slightly as needed in order to investigate the possible ranges without encountering physical errors. I present here the resulting ranges for the binary parameters.