OGLE-2016-BLG-1093Lb: A Sub-Jupiter-mass Spitzer Planet Located in the Galactic Bulge

Shin, In-Gu; Yee, Jennifer C.; Hwang, Kyu-Ha; Gould, Andrew; Udalski, Andrzej; Bond, Ian A.; Albrow, Michael D.; Chung, Sun-Ju; Han, Cheongho; Kil Jung, Youn et al.
Referencia bibliográfica

The Astronomical Journal

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OGLE-2016-BLG-1093 is a planetary microlensing event that is part of the statistical Spitzer microlens parallax sample. The precise measurement of the microlens parallax effect for this event, combined with the measurement of finite-source effects, leads to a direct measurement of the lens masses and system distance, M host =0.38-0.57 M ⊙ and m p = 0.59-0.87 M Jup, and the system is located at the Galactic bulge (D L ~ 8.1 kpc). Because this was a high-magnification event, we are also able to empirically show that the "cheap-space parallax" concept produces well-constrained (and consistent) results for ∣π E∣. This demonstrates that this concept can be extended to many two-body lenses. Finally, we briefly explore systematics in the Spitzer light curve in this event and show that their potential impact is strongly mitigated by the color constraint.