A Shortcut to Calculate SPAM Limb-darkening Coefficients

Morello, Giuseppe; Chiavassa, Andrea
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Research Notes of the American Astronomical Society

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We release a new grid of stellar limb-darkening coefficients (LDCs, using the quadratic, power-2 and claret-4 laws) and intensity profiles for the Kepler, U, B, V and R passbands, based on STAGGER model atmospheres. The data can be downloaded from Zenodo: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.5593162. We compare the newly released LDCs, computed by ExoTETHyS, with previously published values, based on the same atmospheric models using a so-called "SPAM" procedure. The SPAM method relies on synthetic light curves in order to compute the LDCs that best represent the photometry of exoplanetary transits. We confirm that ExoTETHyS achieves the same objective with a much simpler algorithm.