Calidad del cielo

Parámetros de calidad de cielo

  • CN2 turbulent vertical distribution
    Distribución vertical de la turbulencia CN2

    The structure parameter CN2 is a measure of the turbulence strength (units of m^-2/3) can be deduced from the temperature structure constant CT2 and depends on P(h) and T(h).

  • Atmospheric extinction
    Extinción atmosférica

    Atmospheric extinction is the astronomical parameter that evaluates sky transparency. Sources of sky transparency degradation are clouds (water vapor) and aerosols (dust particles included).

  • Meteorology and climate
    Meteorología y clima

    Velocidad y dirección del viento, ráfagas, humedad relativa, temperatura del aire, pluviometría, insolación, etc.

  • Seeing and coherence time
    Seeing and coherence time

    Astronomical seeing (units arcesec) refers to the blurring or instantaneous image broadening of astronomical objects caused by turbulent mixing in the Earth's atmosphere due to the variations of the

  • Useful time and cloudiness
    Tiempo útil y nubosidad

    The useful time depends on the weather conditions at the Observatories, mainly wind speed, relative humidity, cloudiness and sky transparency (that is depending on aerosol and precipitable water