Tiempo de observación

Tiempo de observación

  • IAC Guaranteed Time LCOGT, SAFT, Open University Telescope

    The IAC has guaranteed time in the following telescopes: Las Cumbres (LCOGT): A total of approximately 400 hr per semester are granted to the IAC community to the 0.4m network of telescopes. This time

  • Night CAT
    CAT nocturno

    The night “Comisión de Asignación de Tiempos” (CAT) evaluates the observing proposals that guarantee to the Spanish community access to the majority of the night telescopes at the “Observatorios de

  • CAT Solar
    CAT Solar

    The solar Time Allocation Commitee (CAT) aims at distributing the observing time at the solar telescopes under the responsibility of the IAC (instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias) in the Observatorio

  • Tiempo de servicio español WHT, INT, NOT, TNG y LT

    Observing nights are offered to the CAT astrophysical community as part of Spain’s allocated observing time (CAT) on the INT, NOT, and TNG, and 6 h “Reactive Time” is available to the CAT on the