Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) concerning the design, construction, operation of the MAAT instrument on the Gran Telescopio Canarias (GTC)

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Compromisos del IAC

Establish general guidelines for the design, construction and operation of the MAAT instrument.
Through this MoU, the parties do not acquire specific commitments or obligations, but rather general lines of action are established.
Specific issues will be set out in specific agreements according to the laws of each institution

Compromisos de las otras partes

All parties commit to pursue with the MAAT instrument a program of research into transient cosmology (Kilonova, Type-Ia SN, lensed SNe, Neutrinos), physics of Supernovae and Relativistic Explosions, strong gravitational lensing, substellar objects (brown dwarfs and exoplanets), and galaxies.

All parties are fully responsible for the use of all calibration and scientific data and results obtained during the observing granted to the MAAT Collaboration.

All parties commit to support the PIs and observers from the GTC Community that have been awarded observation time with the MAAT instrument.

All parties commit to seek funds to reach the buy-in cap of Member Institutions.

All parties commit to have Project Reviews by external experts. The Institutional Council will schedule these reviews, and the Member Institutions will equally share the costs.

Compromisos económicos otros
This MoU does not involve funding commitments by the parties. The Institutional Council will approve each “buy-in” contribution by a Member Institution, and then the Member Institution will sign specific Agreement with CSIC (through the PI at IAA-CSIC) for the committed payments, in-kind, or efforts
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