The Astronomy campus of MIT at Teide Observatory

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26 Ene 2023 - 11:00 Europe/London


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After three intense and fruitful weeks, the first MIT student camp at the OT is coming to an end. We celebrate the achievements of this successful pilot experience of collaboration between the two institutions with a special event where the students will present their results with the following talks:

  • Oris Neto - HD370222 and its spectral melodies (PI: Dr. Sergio Simon-Diaz, IAC)
  • Claire McLellan-Cassivi - Determining rotation periods of 3 Koronis family asteroids (PI: Dr. Steven Slivan, MIT)
  • Mohan Richter-Addo - Astrometric calibration of the Artemis telescope (PI: Dr. Michael Person, MIT)
  • Helena McDonald - Observations of historic IAC dwarf stars in the modern epoch (PIs: Drs. Rafael Rebolo and Roi Alonso, IAC)
  • Hillary Andales - Host galaxies properties of mid-infrared tidal disruption event candidates (PI: Megan Masterson, MIT)
  • Kylee Carden - Followup observations of TESS objects of interest: Discovering (real) other worlds (PI: Dr. Michael Person, MIT)