3-D Study of the Nebula Around the Symbiotic Mira He2-147

Santander-García, M.; Corradi, R. L. M.; Mampaso, A.
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PLANETARY NEBULAE AS ASTRONOMICAL TOOLS: International Conference on Planetary Nebulae as Astronomical Tools. AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 804, pp. 179-179 (2005).

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The expansion in the plane of the sky of the nebula around the symbiotic nova He2-147 has been resolved by means of two HST WFPC2 [NII] images taken 3 years apart. The information on the tangential expansion is complemented by the velocities along the line of sight, obtained through VLT integral-field spectroscopy. This combination of data reveals the global velocity and geometrical pattern of the gas, which is that of a roughly circular knotty ring, inclined on the line of sight, and expanding with a velocity larger than 100 km s-1. Interestingly, the binary nucleus seems to be offset from the centre of expansion of the nebula. Even more remarkable is the fact that, at each nebular position, line profiles are significantly broadened, displaying a range of radial velocities of 150 km s-1 (full width at zero intensity). Several ideas are presented to explain this effect, including the hypothesis of a strong shock front associated with the expanding nova ejecta.