Analysis of UV spectrophotometric observations for O-type stars

Morossi, C.; Stalio, R.; Crivellari, L.
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In: Mass loss and evolution of O-type stars; Proceedings of the Symposium, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, June 5-9, 1978. (A80-16501 04-90) Dordrecht, D. Reidel Publishing Co., 1979, p. 109-112.

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Spectral indices (delta m2100 and delta m1500) for 32 O-type stars with known spectral class and reddening are plotted versus log of effective temperature. The delta m2100 indices are considered to be almost luminosity-independent, while evidence of a well-established relationship between observed spectral indices and empirical temperatures appears. Also graphed are equivalent widths of selected photospheric lines versus temperature. Theoretical line strengths computed with a code that solves the LTE line transfer problem from the model atmosphere input of Kurucz, et al. (1974) indicate that the general behavior of the silicon lines, but not the P V resonance line, appears consistent with the computations.