A carbon star outflow envelope about IC 418

Phillips, J. P.; Riera, A.; Mampaso, A.
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(IAU, European Regional Astronomy Meeting, 11th, La Laguna, Spain, July 3-8, 1989) Astrophysics and Space Science (ISSN 0004-640X), vol. 171, no. 1-2, Sept. 1990, p. 173-176.

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The results of near-infrared mapping, optical spectroscopy, and millimetric CO J = 2-1 observations of the halo about IC 418 are presented. As a result, it is confirmed that NIR emission extends outside of the principal emission shell, and into a zone characterized by weak optical grain scattering and (in all probability) strong FIR emission. An analysis of the optical and FIR data suggests an overall shell mass of 0.026 solar mass (for an assumed distance 0.412 kpc), although the absence of associated CO emission suggests that the shell, if neutral, must possess a relatively low molecular abundance.