A detailed look at chemical abundances in the Magellanic Clouds

Shaw, Richard A.; Lee, Ting-Hui; Stanghellini, Letizia; Davies, James E.; García-Hernández, D. Anibal; García-Lario, Pedro; Perea-Calderón, Jose-Vicente; Villaver, Eva; Manchado, A.; Palen, Stacy; Balick, Bruce
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Planetary Nebulae: An Eye to the Future, Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, IAU Symposium, Volume 283, p. 502-503

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We determine elemental abundances of He, N, O, Ne, S, and Ar in Magellanic Cloud planetary nebulae (PNe) using direct methods and a large set of observed ions, minimizing the need for ionization correction factors. In contrast to prior studies, we find a clear separation between Type I and non-Type I PNe in these low-metallicity environments, and no evidence that the O-N nucleosynthesis cycle is active in low-mass progenitors. We find that the S/O abundance ratio is anomalously low compared to H ii regions, confirming the ``sulfur anomaly'' found for Galactic PNe. We also found that Ne/O is elevated in some cases, raising the possibility that Ne yields in low-mass AGB stars may be enhanced at low metallicity.