The dance of the small galaxies that surround the Milky Way
Created at
Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium ; A Moitinho
Portugal; H Savietto
Fork Investigación
Portugal & TFritz
Motions of the 39 dwarf galaxies. In the background we show the image built from point sources in Gaia One can only see the brightest dwarf galaxies, and even theyy are barely visible. The galaxies are labeled with their names, and the arrows show the direction of their motions with respect to the Milky Way center. The color indicates the radial direction: those in blue are getting closer to the center, those in red farther. Credits: Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium (DPAC); A. Moitinho / AF Silva / M. Barros / C. Barata, Universidad de Lisboa, Portugal; H. Savietto, Fork Investigación, Portugal & T.Fritz.