August - Astronomical calendar 2023

August: Blood Moon

This image of the total lunar eclipse of 16 May 2022 is a composite of RGB shots of 5 seconds exposure during the totality of the eclipse at 04:12 UT, together with deep images taken two weeks earlier in L (6.5h) and RGB (2h x filter) filters. Normally it is impossible to photograph the Moon with the STC Astrograph because of its high brightness. Only during a total eclipse can we obtain an image without saturating the detector, as its illumination decreases by a factor of about 100,000 compared to the full Moon. The globular cluster NGC 5897, located about 41 000 light-years away, appears in the field. The Moon is about 360 000 km away, a little more than 1 light second.

Author: Daniel López / IAC (Astrograph STC - UC3)

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