PROF. DR. AXEL BRANDENBURG (NORDITA, KTH Royal Institute of Technology & Stockholm University, Sweden)


Axel Brandenburg (born 1959) is a German astrophysicist. He completed his doctorate in astrophysics in 1990 at the University of Helsinki. Dr. Brandenburg works as a professor of Astrophysics at Nordita (Stockholm) and Stockholm Universities (2007–present).

His main fields of research are in solar physics, with emphasis on dynamo theory and turbulence theory, and astrobiology, with emphasis on homochirality, with particular interests in solar and stellar activity, helioseismology, convection, differential rotation, galactic turbulence and magnetism, accretion discs, fractals in turbulence, relativistic hydrodynamics, early universe and magnetospheric physics.

Among his major recognitions, Dr. Brandenburg was “Elected foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences” (2014) and “Honorary professor of Ilia State University (Tbilisi/Georgia)” (2019).

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