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Hector Socas Navarro, Chairman of the Solar CAT. Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias, e-mail: Tel: 34 922 605 200 (5748)

The solar Time Allocation Commitee (CAT) aims at distributing the observing time at the solar telescopes under the responsibility of the IAC (instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias) in the Observatorio del Teide (OT) and the Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos (ORM)

The time allocated is that corresponding to Spain following the International Agreements for Cooperation in Astrophysics (20% of the total amount of available time in each telescope). The allocation is made according to the interest of all the applications and on the available time.

The call for observing proposal is usually made in December for the GREGOR, VTT and SST. The proposals are submitted to the Solar CAT at the IAC (see section "Requirements to book" in this webpage).

The call for observing proposals is open to everyone independently of the nationality for the telescopes GREGOR and VTT. A Spanish PI is required for the SST proposals. Those who wish to make coordinated observations in different telescopes are requested to state it clearly in the proposal for each telescope to facilitate its global evaluation as a whole.

International Time Program

According to the International Agreements for Cooperation in Astrophysics, 5% of the total amount of available time at the telescopes GREGOR and VTT is assigned to special international cooperation programs. The approval corresponds to the CCI (International Scientific Committee). This observing time will be allocated by the EAST TAC, a common European Time Allocation Committee installed by  EAST(European Association for Solar Telescopes). Proposals can be made for each individual telescope or for a combination of them (EAST TAC)

Requirements to book

Solar CAT applications - General Information

2018 campaign

The deadline for sending applications is January 18th, 2018 (3pm Canarian local time). For GREGOR 2018B it is June 4th. To submit a proposal it is mandatory to first register in the specific electronic proposal submission system of the Solar CAT. Once done, please fill in the fields of the form that will define your proposal. Attach the “Scientific Justification” document in pdf format. You are encouraged to use the official templates supplied below but any other format is acceptable. The submission of the proposal is done within the submission system and can be modified at any time before the established deadline. Information about each instrument is provided by the telescope owner/operator.

GREGOR telescope Vacuum Tower Telescope (VTT) Swedish Solar Telescope (SST)
Download template (part 1: Apr-Aug) Download template Download template
Download template (part 2: Sep-Dec)    
Note: The GREGOR observing campaign will be split into two parts: from April 15 to Aug 31, and from Sept 1 to Dec 15. Changes and upgrades in instrumentation are expected between the first and second season. There will be a call in December 2017 for the first season and another call in May 2018 for the second season.     
PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for the GREGOR 2018B campaign has been moved to June 4    


Telescope time allocation results

Solar observing time allocations

The Time Allocation Committee for the solar telescopes of the Canarian Observatories will meet during January 2018 to decide the solar observing time allocations corresponding to the 2018 observing campaign.

The minutes of the 2018A TAC meeting are available for download.

The minutes of the 2018B TAC meeting are available for download

Solar telescopes observing schedule

Observing schedules for each solar telescope corresponding to the 2018 campaign will be published after February 2018.

  • VTT
  • SST
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