Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer

Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer
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    In 2011 the AMS-02 instrument was installed on board the International Space Station. Since then, its main mission has been to obtain high precision data on the spectrum and chemical composition of cosmic rays originating in some of the most energetic phenomena in the Universe, such as supernova explosions.

    Another of its objectives is the study of dark matter and the search for primordial antimatter originating from the early Universe.

    From the start of its operation, AMS has detected more than 115,000 cosmic ray events

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    • AMS Days 2018
      AMS Days 2018
      This is to invite you to the AMS Days at La Palma conference. As you recall, three years ago, in April 2015, the DG of CERN organized a very successful AMS Days at CERN meeting. AMS has now collected
      The meeting will take place at Hotel H10 Taburiente Playa in Los Cancajos (a touristic resort located very close to the airport and to Santa Cruz, the capital of the island of La Palma)