Exhibition: 'The IAC: from its origins to the Gran Telescopio CANARIAS (GTC)'Announcement

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Tomorrow, 19 January, the exhibition 'The IAC: from its origins to the Gran Telescopio CANARIAS' will open in Tegueste.

This exhibition begins in the XIX century with the first missions to assess the quality of the skies above Tenerife. Piazzi Smyth's expedition was influenced by Sir Isaac Newton's suggestion that telescopes should be placed on high mountain summits where the air was 'more serene and stable'. The tour ends with the highly sophisticated instruments of astronomical science of the present, such as the Gran Telescopio CANARIAS, and a selection of spectacular images that this telescope has taken of the Universe.

The inaugural event will be a 3D audiovisual presentation. Technological advances in digital cameras, stereoscopic imaging and computer processing allow the production of still images and videos of great impact and extreme beauty.

With '*The Universe in 3D*' the public will be able to immerse itself in the Canarian skies and get a new perspective on the scientific technology dedicated to its study.

José Acosta, an IAC astrophysicist, will introduce the exhibition with a brief talk.

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