Astronomy of Ancient Egypt: a cultural perspective.

Belmonte, J.A.; Lull, J.
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This book is a comprehensive reference on ancient Egyptian astronomy, one of the most important topics in historical astronomy. Written by two recognized specialists—one an astronomer trained in Egyptology and the other an Egyptologist trained in astronomy—it synthesizes and analyses the international body of research surrounding this ancient culture. The chapters in this work address all major topics in the field, including Egyptian cosmogony and worldview, timekeeping devices and calendars, landscapes and skyscapes, astronomy-influenced architecture, chronology and more. Each chapter includes an introduction, an overview of the existing documentation on the subject, a critical discussion of ongoing debates and questions, and a presentation of state-of-the-art research. Straddling the line between Egyptology and astronomy, this multidisciplinary book will appeal to any scholar or specialist interested in studying ancient Egyptian astronomy.