Bar pattern speeds in CALIFA galaxies: ultrafast bars or too long bars?

Cuomo, Virginia; Lee, Y. H.; Buttitta, C.; Aguerri, J. A. L.; Corsini, E. M.; Morelli, L.
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Extragalactic Spectroscopic Surveys: Past

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More than 10% of the barred galaxies with a direct measurement of bar pattern speed host a bar rotating extremely fast. These bars are generally defined as 'ultrafast'. We selected the ultrafast bars observed in CALIFA and investigated if the bar rotation rates were correctly determined. We tested the measurement of bar pattern speed obtained with the Tremaine-Weinberg method and method proposed by Lee et al. (2020). Most of the galaxies is hosting an inner ring located at the end of the bar and/or strong spiral arms. Our new estimates of bar radius are always shorter with respect to the values used in literature. The corresponding bar rotation rate do not belong to the ultrafast regime, except for one galaxy. The presence of the rings and/or strong spiral arms affected the estimate of the bar radius and of the bar rotation rate. We stressed that a solid estimate of bar radius is missing.