Chromospheric variability in late-type dwarfs from high-resolution spectra of CA II H

Garcia Lopez, R. J.; Rebolo, R.; Beckman, J. E.; Crivellari, L.
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(IAU, European Regional Astronomy Meeting, 11th, La Laguna, Spain, July 3-8, 1989) Astrophysics and Space Science (ISSN 0004-640X), vol. 170, no. 1-2, Aug. 1990, p. 109-111.

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An analysis is presented of high-resolution high SNR spectra of late-type chromospherically active dwarfs in Ca II H. Observational parameters employed are the total emission flux attributable to the chromosphere, the asymmetry of the emission component and its bisector, the ratio of the intensities of the blue and red H2 emission peaks, and the absolute wavelengths of the H3 minimum and the mean emission feature. Given time-spaced sets of spectra for each object, which are as yet relatively sparse, the potential use of these observational parameters to deepen understanding of the chromospheric activity is explored.