GOLF-NG spectrometer, a space prototype for studying the dynamics of the deep solar interior

Turck-Chièze, Sylvaine; Carton, Pierre-Henri; Ballot, Jérome; Barrière, Jean-Christophe; Daniel-Thomas, Philippe; Delbart, Alain; Desforges, Daniel; Garcia, Rafael A.; Granelli, Rémi; Mathur, Savita et al.
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Advances in Space Research, Volume 38, Issue 8, p. 1812-1818.

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The GOLF-NG (Global Oscillations at Low Frequency New Generation) instrument is devoted to the search for solar gravity and acoustic modes, and also chromospheric modes from space. This instrument which is a successor to GOLF/SOHO will contribute to improve our knowledge of the dynamics of the solar radiative zone. It is a 15 points resonant scattering spectrometer, working on the D1 sodium line. A ground-based prototype is under construction to validate the difficult issues. It will be installed at the Teide Observatory, on Tenerife in 2006 to analyse the separation of the effects of the magnetic turbulence of the line from the solar oscillations. We are prepared to put a space version of this instrument including a capability of identification of the modes, in orbit during the next decade. This instrument should be included in the ILWS program as it offers a key to the improvement of our knowledge of the solar core in combination with observations from SDO and PICARD. We hope to determine the core rotation and magnetic field, through precise measurements of oscillation mode frequency splittings. Understanding the magnetic field of the radiative zone is important for progress in the study of solar activity sources, an important player for the long-term Sun Earth relationship.