IMF variations in the Fornax cluster

Martin Navarro, Ignacio
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Extragalactic Spectroscopic Surveys: Past

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The stellar initial mass function (IMF) is a fundamental ingredient in stellar population synthesis models and for decades it was considered to be universal. However, the universality of the IMF has been recently challenged by detailed stellar population modeling of massive early-type galaxies. I this talk I will present our recent efforts within the Fornax3D collaboration to study and characterize spatially resolved IMF variations in the Fornax cluster. I will describe how the use of MUSE IFU data allows for an unprecedented view of the stellar population properties of nearby galaxies. I will present our sample-wide two-dimensional characterization of the IMF variations, showing for the first time resolved IMF maps for a sample of 23 galaxies. Moreover, I will also show how the combination of detailed stellar population analysis and Schwarzschild dynamical modelling provides insightful information about the origin of the observed IMF variations.