Solar observations: Techniques and interpretation

Sanchez, F.; Collados, M.; Vazquez, M.
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Solar observations: Techniques and interpretation Cambridge University Press, 256 p.

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This book includes four chapters devoted to techniques and interpretation of solar observations. The chapter on high spatial resolution techniques considers basic concepts, single frame analysis, interferometry techniques, and other methods. The magnetic field measurements chapter discusses a prototype polarimeter, physical components of polarimeters, radiative transfer for polarized radiation, transfer equations for the Stokes parameters in a magnetized atmosphere, and magnetic field measurements in unresolved structures and in prominences. The chapter on solar postfocus instrumentation gives particular attention on the locations of postfocus instrumentation, postfocus imaging, spectrometers, detectors for spectrometers, and special instruments at spectrometer foci. The chapter on the dynamics of the solar atmosphere focuses on the features of the solar structure, diagnostic methods for velocity measurements, rotation and convection, motions in magnetic flux tubes and spots, and velocity fields in prominences and filaments.