The Way to Circumbinary Planets

Doyle, Laurance R.; Deeg, Hans J.
Bibliographical reference

Handbook of Exoplanets, ISBN 978-3-319-55332-0. Springer International Publishing AG, part of Springer Nature, 2018, id.115

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The historic quest to detect circumbinary planets (CBPs) dates back to a time before the first extrasolar planets were detected. Eclipsing binary star systems (EBs) were considered prime targets for the detection of CBP transits, as it was considered likely that the planetary orbits would also be close to edge on to our line of sight and so cross (transit) the stellar discs of the eclipsing stars. The presence of CBPs remained however doubtful until the unequivocal detection, by transit, of Kepler-16b and of further CBPs with the NASA Kepler space telescope.
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