High-velocity outflows in post-Main-Sequence nebulae

Cuesta, L.; Phillips, J. P.; Mampaso, A.
Referencia bibliográfica

(IAU, European Regional Astronomy Meeting, 11th, La Laguna, Spain, July 3-8, 1989) Astrophysics and Space Science (ISSN 0004-640X), vol. 171, no. 1-2, Sept. 1990, p. 163-165.

Fecha de publicación:
Observations of three post-Main-Sequence nebulae, taken with an intermediate dispersion spectrograph mounted on the 2.5 m Isaac Newton Telescope (La Palma, Spain), are presented. The results reveal evidence for high-velocity outflows of about 100 km/s in the primary shells, and very much greater velocities in the cores, while in one unique source, there also appears to be evidence for a core WC binary.