Coronavirus Alert


"Health crisis COVID-19". Electronic Code of state and authonomic laws.

"Science and Innovation facing Coronavirus".


Instructions on public tenders and minor contracts



Following instructions from the Ministry of Science and Innovation, time flexibility at work and and the permanence of IAC staff at home is established until further notice. Staff to provide minimum onsite services at IAC headquarters and observatories are indicated in the following document: Essential onsite Services.

With regard to the face-to-face attention of users, external and internal, in the facilities of the IAC centres and Oservatories, it is suspended until further notice. Instructions for the delivery of goods will be given shortly.

You can contact the IAC by phone 922605200, email secadm [at], and also at , or through the Common Electronic System at General Adminsitration (Registro Electrónico Común de la AGE).


Suspension of the activities at La Laguna Council.


From the Council of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands, in coordination with the Ministry of Education, University, Culture and Sports, they have just reported on the suspension of teaching activity and the closure of educational centers in the Canary Islands for 14 days, from tomorrow March 13.

The Resolution of March 10, of the Undersecretary of Science and Innovation which dictates instructions for the application of the provisions of the Resolution of the Secretary of State for Territorial Policy and Public Function of measures to be adopted in the work centers dependent on the General State Administration on the occasion of COVID-19, provides the following in its first section, of special relevance to this situation:

"First.- The personnel at the service of the Ministry of Science and Innovation or in the entities and organizations linked, dependent or attached to it who are in charge of children or older dependents, and are affected by the closure of educational or elderly centers, may request the application of the following measures for the time in which the educational centers or the elderly remain closed and do not provide service, before the competent unit for personnel in the Ministry of Science and Innovation or in the entities and bodies linked, dependent or attached to the same, as appropriate:

a) Flexibility of the working day without being subject to the limits set forth in the Resolution of February 28, 2019, of the Secretary of State for Public Function, which dictates instructions on working hours and hours of the staff at the service of the General State Administration and its public bodies.

b) In the event that it is essential, stay at home as an inexcusable duty, in accordance with the provisions of article 48 j) of the revised text of the Law on the Basic Statute of Public Employees.

The submitted applications will be evaluated by the competent personnel unit in the Ministry of Science and Innovation or in the entities and bodies linked, dependent or attached to it, as appropriate, and will be resolved within 3 business days.

In the event that both parents, or both persons responsible for the elderly dependent, have the status of personnel serving the General State Administration, they will not be able to enjoy these measures simultaneously. In all requests, the staff must declare that the other parent or person responsible for the dependent is not a member of the General State Administration, or that the other parent or person responsible for the dependent has not requested or was not asked to belong. have not granted any of the measures included in this section."

The corresponding application form is here.

In the case of the staff of the IAC, those employees who need to request any of these measures, and during the closing time established by the Canary Islands Government for educational centers, must complete this request, in the terms indicated , and send it, electronically signed, to secadm [at] Please, in the Subject of the email indicate "APPLICATION CORONAVIRUS COVID-19".

From the General Services Administration we will try to resolve these requests, and within the established period, as soon as possible.

Thanks for your cooperation.




"IAC's Action Plan for the public health emergency of international concern caused by the COVID-19" coronavirus".

Updated March 24th

This Action Plan has to be followed from today. It is indicated that it is carefully read and met by all staff.

In particular, we remind you of the need for extreme precautions when it comes to preventive measures hygienic and distance from safety, as well as acting diligently and quickly, as indicated in the 4.1. if any symptoms are seen in relation to this coronavirus alert.

To date, the Monitoring Subcommittee will be set up, by telematic means, to continue the "Non-in-person Working Mode Protocol", in order to raise the Steering Committee as soon as possible, for review and, where appropriate, approval by the Undersecretariat of the Ministry.

It highlights the importance of having the maximum collaboration of all personnel, as well as the controls of the to act on the terms provided for by this Plan, instructions and recommendations.

QUESTIONS: For any questions, you can email your enquiry to the ASSGG Secretariat, secadm [at] ,  or the Occupational Risk Prevention Unit, uprl [at], depending on the nature of the the questions. They will be taken care of as soon as possible and, in any case, within the same day.

URGENCIES: In case of emergency, contact the Occupational Risk Prevention Unit, uprl [at] ,  or directly with the General Administrator, adminssgg [at], 7203 mobile extension.



The IAC Steering Committee, at its meetings on 12 February and 26 February, has approved the following instructions in relation to the IAC Staff Service Commissions with final destination or stopovers in risk areas*, as well as for persons who come to the IAC for work (headquarters and observatories). These instructions are for immediate application and until further notice, and will be updated as further information and recommendations are produced.

*Risk areas (list updated as of February 26th): China, Japan, Iran, Singapore, South Korea and four regions of Italy (Lombardy, Piedmont, Veneto and Emilia-Romagna).

IAC STAFF: Taking into account the current situation and evolution of the international coronavirus alert, and as a preventive measure, due to the health consequences of this virus, as well as the additional difficulties in travels due to cancellations or delays, the IAC staff
traveling abroad with final destination or stopover in the areas considered to be risky, will require specific and formal approval of the Steering Committee.

NATIONAL OR INTERNATIONAL VISITORS - work stays at the IAC’s Headquarters and Observatories: Prior to your visit to the IAC, you will be provided with a brief document about recommendations and instructions on this coronavirus alert. You will be informed, together with this documentation, on the following criteria which, based on the recommendations made by the World Health Organisation, are considered as potential “cases to study”.

CRITERIA that are considered as “Cases to study”:

Cases that meet at least one of the following criteria, are considered “cases to study”.

  1. CRITERIA A: Situation compatible with acute respiratory infection of any severity or with known non-focus fever AND having a history of traveling to a risk area*, within the 14 days prior to the onset of symptoms.
  2. CRITERIA B: Fever or acute respiratory symptoms such as shortness of breath (difficulty breathing) or coughing AND having a history of close contact with a probable or confirmed case within the 14 days of the onset of symptoms, defining as close contact those indicated below.
    1. Anyone who has provided care to a probable or confirmed case while the case had symptoms: health workers who have not used appropriate protective measures, family members or persons who have other contact similar physique.
    2.  Anyone who has been in the same place as a probable or confirmed case while the case had symptoms, at a distance of less than 2 meters (e.g. cohabitants, visits).
    3. Close contact is considered on an aircraft, passengers within a two-seat radius around a probable or confirmed case while the case had symptoms and crew who have had contact with such cases.
  3. CRITERIA C: I have required hospitalization for a severe acute respiratory infection AND having a history of travel to a risk area* in the 14 days prior to the onset of symptoms.

In case of POSITIVE ANSWER to one or more of these criteria, or doubts about your possibility of having been exposed to this virus, we suggest you to contact the Occupational Risk Prevention Unit at the IAC, by phone +34 922 605 200. You can also contact directly to the Canary Islands Health Service (Servicio Canario de Salud), by phone at 112, or through the Health Service of your Community.