Qatar Exoplanet Survey Telescope


    The concept of transit method is simple. we simply measure the flux or the brightness of stars continuously , if it happen there is a planet that is revolving around its parent star in direction of sight, it will block small part of the star light from the observer. if we are able to measure the light curve of that star with high precision, we will notice the light curve will dip for few hours as we see above illustration.

    Lenses:  4 Canon 400mm, f/2.8 & 1 200mm, f2

    CCD Camera: 5 FLI ProLine PL16801, KAF-16801E , 4k x 4k.

    Scale and FOV: 4.64 arcsec/pix, 5.24 x 5.24 degrees per CCD for 400mm lense.

    Mount: Equatorial Fork type mount. Prototype was on Paramount mount.

    Processing Computers:  3 Mac Pro each one has 16 CPUs, 32Gb of RAM and 6TB Hard Disk.

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