IACNet DNS Firewall Protection Service

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The IAC has implemented this protection feature using a service provided by RedIRIS, called DNS Firewall. Through this service, all queries that pass through our DNS servers will pass through the enabled filters, which will guarantee safer access and avoid possible threats.

Most legitimate and non-legitimate communication begins with a DNS query that obtains the IP address of an online resource or service. The primary purpose of a DNS firewall is to monitor DNS traffic to provide protection for:

  • Block user access to malicious websites.
  • Prevent phishing attacks.
  • Block communications from within our network that use the DNS as a means of communication with the outside, such as malware or botnets.
  • Detect infected machines in our infrastructure.

When a client sends a DNS request to your DNS Firewall server, it performs a series of tasks to find out how dangerous the request is and what actions to take with it, including allowing, blocking, discarding, reporting...

This service is also available to the rest of the IACNet user institutions that wish to do so, they simply have to redirect their DNS queries to the IAC DNS servers.

For more information, you can contact through the Help Desk Center (CAU).