Today (Wednesday, 15 June) an astronomical spectacle may be seen in which the shadow of Mount Teide aligns with the eclipsed Moon.COMMUNICATION

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Live webcast from the summit of Mount Teide

In this transmission the shadow of Mount Teide will be seen close to the eclipsed Moon. The transmission will last 1h 30 m from 19:45 to  21:15 UT (20:45 to 22:15 local time, 21:45 a 23:15 peninsular time).

PhenomenonLocal Time [UT+1]Peninsular Time [UT+2]
Start Transmission20:4521:45
Moonrise in Tenerife21:0022:00
Sunset in Tenerife (Teide shadow)21:11:2622:11:26
End of totality22:02:4223:02:42
End Transmission22:1523:15
Moon egresses from the earth’s shadow23:02:1500:02:15

More information in the IAC spanish press release.

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