Winters School: Press Room 2009

Group Photo. Author: Miguel Briganti (SMM/IAC)
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02/11/2009 - XXI Canary Islands Winter School

02/11/2009 - Welcome to the XXI Canary Islands Winter School

05/11/2009. Agujeros negros, los cuerpos más energéticos del Universo


"Accretion is one of the most efficient ways of converting mass into energy" (Interview with Hendrick Spruit, by Annia Domènech)

"A black hole forms when a certain amount of mass is contained in a very small space" (Interview with John F. Hawley, by Annia Domènech)

"In the X-ray band is where we see most of the accretion power coming out" (Interview with Giuseppina Fabbiano, by Annia Domènech)

"Imagine two stars going around each other in ten minutes" (Interview with Brian Warner, by Annia Domènech)

"The Sun is inside a supernova bubble, so there was a supernova not too long ago in the solar neighbourhood" (Interview with Philipp Podsiadlowski, by Annia Domènech)

"We think almost every galaxy has a black hole in the centre surrounded by an accretion disc" (Interview with Philipp Podsiadlowski, by Annia Domènech)

"Not even light can swim fast enough to get out of a black hole" (Interview with Christine Done, by Annia Domènech)

"There is no proof that there are black holes" (Interview with Rob Fender, by Annia Domènech)

Press Room Collaborators

  • Images: Miguel Briganti (SMM/IAC)

  • English version: Terry Mahoney; Cambell Warden

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