1RXS J062518.2+733433: A new intermediate polar

Araujo-Betancor, S.; Gänsicke, B. T.; Hagen, H.-J.; Rodriguez-Gil, P.; Engels, D.
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Astronomy and Astrophysics, v.406, p.213-219 (2003)

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We report the identification of the cataclysmic variable 1RXS J062518.2+733433 as an intermediate polar. The orbital period of the system is determined to be 283.0+/-0.2 min from the radial velocity variation of Hα, measured in an extensive set of time-resolved spectra. Differential optical photometry obtained over a base line of three weeks reveals the presence of coherent variability with a period of 19.788+/-0.002 min, which we suggest to be the white dwarf spin period. The power spectrum of our photometry also contains a strong signal near the spectroscopically-determined orbital period. The emission lines in 1RXS J062518.2+733433 display a complex multicomponent structure. In the trailed spectrogram of Line{He}{I}{6678} we detect a narrow component with a radial velocity semi-amplitude of =~ 140 kms, consistent with a possible origin on the irradiated face of the secondary. The absence of eclipses gives an upper limit on the binary inclination of ila60 o.