Challenges of the telescope control system for large robotic telescopes

M. Torres, J. J. Fernández-Valdivia, A. Oria, C. M. Gutiérrez, A. García Piñero, D. M. Arnold, R. J. Smith
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 Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) Conference Series

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The New Robotic Telescope (NRT) with a collecting area of 4pi square meters will be the largest fully robotic telescope in the world. This contribution is focused on the design of the telescope control system, summarizing the state of the art and proposing a software architecture and a development roadmap that reflects the needs and requirements for this facility. This pioneering effort for a large robotic telescope aims also to provide standards for future similar facilities.

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The NRT (New Robotic Telescope) is a project to design and build a 4-meter telescope within five years, which from the ORM will operate in a totally autonomous and robotic way. This form of operation will make it the largest robotic telescope in the world.
Carlos Manuel
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