Evolutionary phenomena in galaxies

Beckman, J. E.; Pagel, B. E. J.
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Cambridge and New York, Cambridge University Press, 1989, 474 p. For individual items see A90-31744 to A90-31771.

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Topics discussed include the origin and early development of galaxies; gas and global star formation; galactic nuclei; population, age, and dynamics of the Galaxy; supernovae and their effects; chemical evolution; population synthesis; and galaxy interactions. Papers are presented on dwarf galaxies, the role of magnetic fields in the evolution of galaxies, molecular gas in spiral galaxies, evidence for coherent star-forming processes in the discs of spirals, and active galactic nuclei without black holes. Attention is also given to the populations and evolution of the Galaxy, the white dwarf luminosity function and the age of the Galaxy, supernovae and their effects, chemical evolution in galaxies, and the evolution of He-4 in galaxies. Other papers are on the stellar population synthesis, stellar population synthesis in galaxy nuclei, population synthesis an X-ray properties of passively evolving galaxies, and the evolutionary effects of interaction between galaxies.