Recent advancements in the EST project

Jurčák, J.(Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences, Fričova 298, 25165 Ondřejov, Czech Republic; Collados, M.; Leenaarts, J.; van Noort, M.; Schlichenmaier, R.
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Advances in Space Research, Volume 63, Issue 4, p. 1389-1395.

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The European Solar Telescope (EST) is a project of a new-generation solar telescope. It has a large aperture of 4 m, which is necessary for achieving high spatial and temporal resolution. The high polarimetric sensitivity of the EST will allow to measure the magnetic field in the solar atmosphere with unprecedented precision. Here, we summarise the recent advancements in the realisation of the EST project regarding the hardware development and the refinement of the science requirements.
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