A study of correlation between the oscillation amplitude and stellar parameters of delta Scutis in open clusters. Toward selection rules for delta Scuti star oscillations

Suárez, J.-C.; Michel, E.; Pérez Hernández, F.; Lebreton, Y.; Li, Z. P.; Fox Machado, L.
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Astronomy and Astrophysics, v.390, p.523-531 (2002)

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In the present work, we study correlations between stellar fundamental parameters and the oscillation amplitude for delta Scuti stars. We present this study for a sample of 17 selected delta Scutis belonging to 5 young open clusters. Taking advantage of properties of delta Scutis in clusters, we correct the photometric parameters of our objects for the effects of fast rotation. We confirm the benefit of applying such corrections in this kind of studies. In addition, the technique used for this correction allows us to obtain an estimate of stellar parameters such as the angle of inclination and the rotation rate, usually not accessible. A significant correlation between the parameter i'(estimation of the angle of inclination of the star) and the oscillation amplitude is found. A discussion and interpretation of these a priori surprising results is proposed, in terms of a possible selection rule for oscillation modes of delta Scuti stars.