R&D&I project management

Organizational Unit

IAC staff have wide experience in R&D&I project management. The IAC’s Technology Division, in particular, develops instruments from the initial proposal and concept stages through design and manufacture to assembly and commissioning at the telescope. Engineering staff, organized under a matrix structure with departments based on different technical capabilities, work in multidisciplinary project teams with specific personnel responsible for project management and technical direction, ensuring compliance with specifications and delivering the project within the scope, in budget and on time. This experience and training transcends astrophysical instrumentation and has application to the management of any R&D&I project in a scientific or industrial environment.

Related Technical facility
Panoramic view of one the areas of the Assembly, Integration and Verification room. Large laboratory with work benches and multiple electronic devices and computers, with a large mechanical structure in assembly phase
Large Instruments Assembly, Integration and Verification Room (AIV)
The purpose of the AIV Room is the assembly, integration and verification of instrumentation for large telescopes.
Reyes García-Talavera