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The IAC has been chosen by the Jesús Serra Foundation to participate in its “Visiting Researchers Programme” in the 2021 and 2022 editions. Each year, the programme supports a two or three months stays at the IAC for few number of visiting -professors of international prestige. These visits allow, first, to deepen the scientific relationship between the host research group and the visiting researcher, and secondly, to initiate new lines of action based on the generation of new scientific interests.

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Researchers who have visited the IAC under this program are listed below:

  • Prof. Axel Brandenburg
    PROF. DR. AXEL BRANDENBURG (NORDITA, KTH Royal Institute of Technology & Stockholm University, Sweden)

    Axel Brandenburg (born 1959) is a German astrophysicist. He completed his doctorate in astrophysics in 1990 at the University of Helsinki. Dr. Brandenburg works as a professor of Astrophysics at Nordita (Stockholm) and Stockholm Universities (2007–present). His main fields of research are in solar physics, with emphasis on dynamo theory and

  • Eva Villaver

    Dr. Eva Villaver studies the influence of stars on their environment from two points of view: 1) the interaction with their surrounding interstellar medium in the form of winds, dust and chemical evolution and 2) the evolution of their planetary systems. The research work carried out by Dr. Villaver includes both theoretical and observational

  • DR. VYACHESLAV LUKIN (National Science Foundation. Division of Physics)

    Dr. Vyacheslav (Slava) Lukin received the BA in Physics and Mathematics from Swarthmore College and PhD in Astrophysical Sciences from Princeton Univ. His PhD studies, split between Princeton University and Los Alamos National Laboratory, were supported by graduate fellowships administered by ORISE Fusion Energy Sciences program and the National

  • Santi Cassisi
    DR. SANTI CASSISI (INAF, Osservatorio Astronomico d'Abruzzo, Italy)

    Dr. Santi Cassisi is a world-recognized expert in stellar evolution, and main creator and maintainer of the widely used BaSTI stellar evolution library. Stellar evolution is basic for many research lines, therefore his contributions to the IAC can span over the FEEI, MWLG, and FEYG SO lines. He began his career with a Grant of the Ministry for

  • Faith Vila
    DRA. FAITH VILAS (Planetary Science Institute, Tucson)

    Dr. Faith Vilas is an American planetary scientist and Director of the Multiple Mirror Telescope Observatory in Arizona. Vilas earned her BA in Astronomy at Wellesley College and her MS in Astronomy at MIT. She completed her Doctoral degree at the University of Arizona. Vilas was a scientist at NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) from 1985 through 2005

  • Norbert Langer

    Prof. Norbert Langer has been one of the world’s leading experts in the field of theoretical Astrophysics for more than three decades. He investigates the evolution of high mass stars up to the point when they explode as supernovae. Born 1958, he studied in Göttingen, where he completed his doctorate in 1986. In the same year, Langer became the