MNLP-RES: Improvements in the La Palma node of the Spanish supercomputing network.

In force date
Carlos Alberto
Martín Galán
Financial institution
Total budget of the action
542.400,00 €
Amount granted to the IAC Consortium
461.040,00 €

Within the Strategic Plan of the Spanish Network of Supercomputing (RES) Institute of Astrophysics The Canary Islands (IAC) proposes a series of actions improvement in your La Palma node located in the Center Astrophysics in La Palma (CALP), in Breña Baja, island of La Palma.
LaPalma21: Improving energy sustain ability of the node
LaPalma22: Expansion of network connectivity of data
LaPalma23: Visualization and analysis system data three-dimensional
LaPalma24: Expansion of the system of copies of security