Ramón y Cajal contract. Anna Ferré Mateu

In force date
Call year
Ferré Mateu
Amount granted to the IAC Consortium
236.350,00 €

The purpose of these fellowship is to promote the incorporation of research staff, Spanish or foreigner, with an outstanding track record, in Spanish R&D centers, in order for them to acquire
the skills and abilities that allow them to obtain a stable position in a research body of the Spanish System of Science, Technology and Innovation.

The fellowshhip will be divided into two phases:

· The first phase, which will last 3 years, is equivalent to the Juan de la Cierva-incorporation grants from previous calls. The annual amount will be 35,450 euros, it will be used to co-finance
the salary and the company's Social Security contribution of the hired researcher.

· The second phase will last 2 years. After the end of the second year, the researcher may apply for an evaluation of their scientific-technical activity, which will be carried out taking into
account the criteria for being an R3 researcher – established researcher. When the evaluation is positive, the annual grant will be 44,000 euros.

In addition, a suplement of 42,000 euros will be granted to cover the expenses directly related to the execution of the fellow research activities.

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